Quito, Ecuador

I have been in Ecuador since Wednesday evening at 11:45 PM.  I got some sleep in the HCJB Guesthouse in Qutio, after drinking about a quart of water.  I slept well and woke up without a headache.  A good start.   

After a power bar breakfast I set out to get my phones working.  Walking up a hill at over 9000 feet had my heart pumping quickly.  Fortunately 2013 has been a year of Bob working out and losing 25 pounds!  I was able to purchase minutes for my Ecuadorian phone and also put a sim card in my old 3G iPhone which ATT kindly unblocked for me since I only use it as a GPS in in the US.  

I had lunch with Suzy Olsen and her daughter Kaia.


Suzy and Kaia, who is almost the same age as our granddaughter Karis

Suzy and her husband Jim, both Concordia graduates, are working as missionaries for Youth World at their retreat, El Refugio, north of Quito.  When we were a part of a First Lutheran Mission Team in 2004, Suzy and I made our first trip to El Refugio.  Ten years later, she and her husband work there and I have been in Ecuador every year.  Who would ever have predicted that??

When I planned this trip it did not seem right to fly all the way to Ecuador and not spend a littlr time in Shell.  So after lunch I hitched a ride to Shell.

It is great to be back in Ecuador.  I look forward to reconnecting with our friends in Shell and making new friends in San Lorenzo.