San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas, Ecuado


I was picked up this morning at  8:30 AM by Damarys Reyes, the administrator for the clinic in San Lorenzo.  She lives in Quito most of the time but assists in surgery, so she needed to go to San Lorenzo to assist with surgery this coming week.  It was about a five hour ride through some of the most beautiful and a little bit unnerving mountainous country.  There are some safety rails on the side of the road, but often not and the drop is hundreds if not more feet to the valley below.  We made it and I got introduced to the clinic.  The picture above is housing close to the downtown restaurant we went to for a late lunch.  San Lorenzo is located on a series of inlets from the Pacific Ocean.  


Once we unloaded the car and I got settled into my living quarters, we went uptown for a late lunch.  I had sea bass, lightly breaded, with rice and salad.  After lunch we stopped for an Ecuadorian treat...Magnum ice cream.  They have a new one here, chocolate truffles. It was delicioso!  I was by told Naly that they had a new Magnum, menta & chocolate, but not true!!  The people in the picture from left to right as you look at them...Dixie, Naly, Jane, Christian and Don.  Dixie and Don are Jane's parents from Fort Wayne, IN; Naly(Damarys) is the administrator and lives in Quito, except for surgery week and Christian, who has been hired to do some finish carpentry work. On the way down today I got a good look at the volcano, Cayambe.  We don't often get to see them, they are up in the clouds.

Have a great week everyone, we are doing surgery all day tomorrow.  Bob