The clinic in San Lorenzo


This is the clinic in San Lorenzo.  This clinic was originally owned and operated by HCJB, the same mission organization that runs Hospital Vozandes Quito and Hospital Vozandes del Oriente in Shell.  The Latin American Missions Board foundation purchased the facility in 2007 and the clinic is now run by Jane Weaver, MD.

The clinic does surgery one week a month and anesthesia is provided by volunteer anesthesiologists when possible, otherwise they hire an Ecuadorian anesthesiologist.


This is the house where I lived.  It actually will "sleep" many if necessary.  Two bedrooms with showers and at least eight beds and a large living room where peole could sleep as well.  Occassionally they get work groups who come down to work at the clinic.  



This gallo, rooster, was my alarm clock, waking me at his pleasure, often at 3:30 AM and occasionally letting me sleep until 5:00 AM, never the same two days in a row!

 I did try to get into the operating room by 6:00 AM to prepare the anesthesia equipment, IV, and medications for the first case of the day.

IMG_0477 - Version 2.jpg

I apologize for my inability to manipulate these photos as I would like, but I am doing my best.  If you want to take a hot show in the San Lorenzo living quarters you need to do the following:  The white contraption to the left is the shower head and it is also a water heater.  So if you want to take a shower you turn the water on.  The white sliding switch above the black writing has three settings, Hot, Off and Warm.  You can only use Warm.  Once the water is turned on you reach outside the shower and turn the breaker "On" and presto, you start getting warm water.  If there is not enough water flowing, you burn out the water heater.  If you flip the breaker before turning on the water, you burn out the heater.  If you don't think the water is warm enough, and flip the switch on the water heater to Hot, the breaker turns off.  It literally took me two days to figure out how to take a warm shower.

I am getting ready to go to Seattle for Christmas so will blog more from Seattle.

Feliz Navidad!