One day for Iunch we had "sardines." I commented that they were not like any sardines I had seen back home. They turned up their noses and said they would not eat the canned sardines from the states.  These fish are actually called plumuda and are caught locally.  They gut them and cut off the heads.  You can see that they make several shallow incisions on the sides of the fish, season them and pan fry them in cooking oil.  It was a pleasant surprise to find out they were absolutely delicious.  One simply peals the flesh off the backbones and ribs to eat the whole fish, including the skin and fins.


A wonderful meal of sardines, rice and beans, and deep-fried plantains.  I was pleasantly surprised to find there was one sardine left from the days lunch and it ended up on my plate for lunch the following day.

The meals at San Lorenzo were exceptional and we all ate together for every meal.  It is a great "family" atmosphere and I quickly understood why some of  students from Concordia have found a "home" working in the mission at San Lorenzo.


Don and Dixie Weaver are in San Lorenzo visiting their daughter Jane for the month of December.  They travel to Ecuador often and are involved in the LAMB Foundation that supports their daughter's work in Ecuador.  Jane's older brother Stephen, is the Executive Director of the foundation.  He assisted me in getting my credetntials on record and preparing the paperwork to get medical privileges to work at the clinic.

Merry Christmas!