Ecuador-December 2014-Outpatient Surgery and Jewelry Sales

I made a mission trip to Ecuador in December, to provide anesthesia at the outpatient surgery clinic in San Lorenzo run by Jane Weaver, General Surgeon.  I made my first trip there in Dec 2013 and simply needed to go back again this year. Dick Herold accompanied me on the trip. He and his wife, Kathy, are leading a team to Casa De Fe in March 2015. It is impossible to travel all the way to Ecuador without visiting Casa de Fe in Shell.  Patti Sue is in the US on a six month sabatical; I did have the opportunity to meet the new Administratieve Director of CDF, Mark Blosser.  It was an opportunity to check on arrangements for Vicky and Bob's mission team trip in February and Dick and Kathy's mission team trip in March.

 We spent a night with Phil and Debbie Douce in Quito and got the latest update on Casa Gabriel and Casa Adalia. The young women from the Casa Adalia ministry are making tagua jewelry.  I pre-ordered jewelry when Debbie and Phil were at our lake home in September.  Our foundation, SALTS, Inc., purchased $1000 of jewelry which I broght home.  I brought the jewelry to Cormorant Lutheran Church last Sunday and sold about half of what I brought home.  The jewelry is relatively inexpensive.  I double the price I paid for it and send all the revenue from the sale back to Casa Adalia.  The young women are learning that if they put in eight-hour days, they can make money and have the potential to become more financially independent.  I raised $996 on Sunday and approximately sold half the jewelry.  I will be selling jewelry to the nurses at Sanford Health in Fargo and the students at Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.

Vicky and I are spending Christmas in Minneapolis with Molly, Rick and the three girls, Matt & Tryg, and Jim and Joyce Stawarz, Rick's parents from Olathe, KS.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!