Amazon Hike

Saturday: February 22, 2014 Today we went on a “jungle hike.” What we thought was going to be an ordinary hike turned into a battle between us and the Amazon. They told us to wear boots because it was going to be muddy, but we pompously rejected their suggestion thinking we knew what to expect. After our first step into the lush jungle, we figured out that wearing our Nike Free tennis shoes was a huge mistake. We were all very apprehensive at first, watching our every step in order to avoid getting too muddy. By the end, however, we were all fearlessly wondering through the beautiful Amazon Jungle with smiles on our faces, and many laughs among the jungle noises. Our final destination was the first cistern built in Shell. We were all swimming, wading, and splashing through the water. Many returned to Casa de Fe with mud up to their knees from sinking into the deep mud. Our clothes were destroyed, our shoes were caked with mud, our faces were kissed by the South American sunlight, but yet, nobody could take the smiles off our faces.

-Sydne, Molly, Garrett, Christian