Good afternoon,

If you have visited out blog you will notice that posts have been infrequent, missing pictures and  duplicated.  We are having WiFi difficulties at our hotel and it is almost impossible to blog from there, however some members of the team were able to blog late last night.  One blog was duplicated and two pictures were missing.  I have removed the duplicate and added the two intended pictures to the first entry.

We are doing well.  The team has performed beyond expectations.  We have a couple members who are a little under the weather however no serious problems.  We fed them in their rooms and are letting them rest today at the hotel.  We are a big team, easily twice the size of a normal team here.  We can let people rest and recuperate without limiting our ability to do our work.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We will allow the students to try blog again tonight, if I have fix things as I did today, due to the poor WiFi service at the hotel, I will do so.  It is important to Vicky and I to have the team members "tell their stories."