Day One!

Our first day in Shell! After we rested from getting in at 3:30 am we were ready for the day. After having breakfast, a midmorning snack of ice cream, and lunch we headed out to the different activities for the day. We split up into three groups. One groups went to go make books at Emaus while the other went to make translated Bible books for Susan Salay. The third group headed up the hill to Casa de Fe to play with the kiddos. At Casa, some were paired up with a toddler to run after. They were super energetic and full of smiles. Some others went to play soccer with some of the older kids. It was an intense back and forth match between the Cobbers and the Casa kids. When it was all said and done, the Casa kids came out on top. But nonetheless, both sides had a great time.

We ended the day with some great singing and laughs as a large group. We learned everyone’s dad’s middle names which was a fun bit of trivia. The excitement is palpable for the weeks work! More updates to come!