First Full Day

Saturday- February 21, 2015

Today we split up into 3 different groups that went to different areas to play with the kids. Some of the girls went with the older kids of Casa and swam in the Dique, a river in town. The majority of our team went with the younger children to swim at a local pool (piscina). A few people from our team were assigned to the special needs children, Telmo, Frixon, Amanda, Michelle, Junior, and Carmen. They helped them swim in the pool as well. They never stopped smiling The rest of the team, mostly the older members of the team and one of the younger team members stayed to play with the babies and the toddlers blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk. Our evening was full of activities. We had dinner at our hotel, toured the Nate Saint House, a home built by one of the first missionaries in Shell, came back to Casa de Fe to play with the kids for the rest of the afternoon. The afternoon ended very messy as you can see. There was a very intense mud fight that broke out. After we got cleaned up, we met back at the Nate Saint house for an ice cream social with some of the missionaries in Shell.