Play Day

Today we got another opportunity to spend time with the kids. After church, lunch, and ice cream, we had the rest of the afternoon up at Casa de Fe to play with all of the children. Some of the older children with a couple of our team members went down to the bottom of the hill to play soccer. The rest of us stayed with the younger kids and played with anything in sight. We brought a bunch of sidewalk chalk with us when we came, and the kids loved it! The kids thought the chalk was very multi-functional. Some thought it was food, others thought it was body paint, and others treated it like money, hoarding it and not sharing it with anyone. The children that weren’t infatuated with the chalk, played in the river, made a mess of actual paint, and swung on the tree swing. We have only had 2 and a half days with the kids, and we are already in love with them.