First Work Day

Well, today was our first day of work up at Casa. It was fun to finally get going today. After we ate our breakfast, we headed to the Nate Saint School to participate in their morning devotion. It was fun to worship and sing with the children of the local missionaries. We sang two of our favorite songs, which are 10,000 Reasons and Humble Thyself. After morning devotions one group headed up the hill to Casa while the other group went back to Emmaus to make more books. At Casa, there was one group that had ‘baby time’ where they helped do physical therapy with the special needs kids and also cuddled the younger children. Another group dug holes for the fence posts on Casa’s property. This was a tough job because of the rocky terrain and all the fun bugs here.

But by far the best job was done by Mitch, Brandon, and Aaron (Pictured below). We worked with Hernan and assembled the chain-link fence. It was a great day of hard work, dedication, sweat, tears, and laughs. We tried our best to learn some new Spanish and teach some English. All around, a great day here in Ecuador! Always remember, the grass is always greener when you’re south of the Equator.