Baby Time

Everyday we have team members that have the opportunity to spend time with some of the babies at Casa de Fe, along with some of the special needs kids. Although we love working hard outside (pouring cement, chopping down the rainforest with machetes, or digging in the mud), we also love spending time inside with such special kids. We are lucky enough to have Rebekah here to instruct us on the different needs of each kid. For some, it is simply to have fun playing with the babies at Casa, like Alejandra below. Others work with some of the special needs kids doing therapy. Amanda and Frixon have been working hard at keeping their head up, so to continue working on this we have brought them outside to enjoy the sunshine. Telmo is working on walking, and is even able to do the stairs on his own. Dolly, Rayana, and Linet enjoy the sunshine, as well as sitting in front of the fan and feeling the breeze. Juliana has also enjoyed being outside, as well as being massaged or sang to. There is nothing as sweet as hearing these kids break out in a laughing fit, sometimes without any warning. There are several other children that our team has worked with, whether it be working on walking, or working on the iPad, each one of us has our own story to tell about baby time. We have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with not only these kids, but all the kids at Casa.