Saturday, February 20th-- "Flexador"

    From the beginning, God has been teaching all of us through our motto, “Flexador.” Our travel day on Thursday was going so well, until our flight to Quito was disturbed by some fog. In short, our flight that was supposed to arrive at 11:59 pm ended up arriving around 4am Friday morning. Despite this, the spirit of this group remained positive and optimistic. Needless to say, most people took advantage of the extra time together to get to know each other better. To say that we as a group spent about 30 waking hours together made us closer is an understatement. 

    The hospitality at the seminary in Quito was unbelievable. We were hungry and tired, and they met our needs by providing us with a delicious breakfast and comfy beds. It was hard for me to accept these blessings and this care, because I felt like I needed to be the one serving the community in Quito. But when I think about it, it represents my relationship with God sometimes. It is so easy for me to think I can be self-sufficient, so I don’t reflect on my needs and how much I need help. But we have a God who wants to provide for us—what good news.

    And this is the news that we are excited to share with the people we meet. And the mindset of “flexador” reminds us that no matter how hard we try to serve the communities we meet well, we will never be able to provide for them like God can. So, as much as we are looking forward to lending helpful hands and compassionate hearts, we try to remember that God is the best provider and his love is unconditional.

--Emily Campbell