First Day of Work

We started the day at the Nate Saint School taking part in their Monday morning chapel - singing, sharing devotions, and praying together.

We then headed out to Casa de Fe and Emaus to start our first day of work for the week. The people at Emaus had the chance to start making books for the school. They ran in to a few problems with toner, but were able to pass the time eating ice cream and socializing at Alexander's. They also had the chance to meet some of the school kids over there. 

The crew at Casa de Fe had a short introduction to the maestros who are in charge of the grounds work and maintenance of Casa followed by a prayer. We then divided into different work groups, some doing house time, and the rest working on various projects outside. 

Those in house time had the chance to do therapy with the three babies in the morning. They enjoyed their time with these little ones. They also helped out in the kitchen for lunch. Their afternoon consisted of the chance to do physical therapy with the special needs children at Casa. 

The rest of us out in the wilderness enduring the heat of the jungle and the rath of nature had a great time getting dirty, cutting metal, fixing the entrance gate, and helping with the trout pond. For many of us this was our first interaction with the maestros. Let's just say practicing our Spanish was pretty comical. Throughout the day, we worked on digging a trench in the mud. Though many of us got stuck in the mud for a moment, we were able to pull ourselves out with the help of others. This week we may encounter "mud" in many forms, but we hope to continue to pull eachother out with a smile on our faces. With all these activities we have started to get to know one another on a deeper level. It has been fun learning the stories that make up familiar faces that we see around campus often. 

From the muddy pigs themselves,

Danica and Hannah