This afternoon I was in Fargo running errands with Vicky. While she was getting her haircut I went looking for a beauty supply shop to purchase the necessary equipmrnt needed by one of the girls from Casa Adalia who has been accepted into a beauty school. I was explaining what I needed to a clerk in the store and commented about the fact that this young woman was rescued from sex trafficking and the school required that she obtain the proper “beauty equipment.” As I spoke to the clerk another customer who had been paying her bill to a second clerk turned and listened to what I was saying. She reached into her purse and handed me a stack of bills and some change. She commented “This is all I have with me. Thank you for what you do.” I was so overwhelmed with her gesture that I did not get her name.

I gave her a SALTS business card and told her she could follow my mission trip on our blog.

Young lady, if you are reading this, please send me your name and address so that I can contact you.

What an incredible experience!

Have a great day everyone.