Good morning,

I made it to Ecuador after a long day of travel on Tuesday. Snow, deicing, waiting in line and finally takeoff from Fargo after an hour delay. Fortunately I had changed my reservations and given myself extra time in the Minneapolis airport or I would have missed my flight to Atlanta and possibly the flight to Quito. When we got close to Atlanta we were notifited of bad weather and were told we were going to be in a holding pattern for 50 minutes. Actually we did it for only about 30 minutes and I had enough time to relax before the flight to Quito. On my way to the gate I passed a sign for a blood drive. I had 90 minutes to kill so I dropped in and donated a unit of blood to the Red Cross.

Blood donation for the Atlanta Red Cross!

Blood donation for the Atlanta Red Cross!

Possibly not the wisest thing I have ever done. I plan on spending the good part of the next ten days at altitude of 8300-8500 feet above sea level. So I have been eating well and drinking a lot of water. So far one episode of lightheadedness when I stood up quickly but other than that no problem.

I thought about how interesting it would have been if I had shown up with a team of 28 college students and leaders. But again, probably not my best decision.

The flight into Quito was also delayed and so we were late getting to Quito as well. Unfortunately I had told Phil Douce the time of the original flight when I arranged for him to pick me up. I had forgotten to tell him the airline and flight number. He was patiently waiting for me.

Have a great day everyone. I will be back.