Ecuadorian Cuisine & Road Racing

I made it to Shell yesterday shortly before suppertime. An interesting ride. I don’t believe my driver had ever driven to Shell before. The freeway was OK, however for those who have made the trip with me, somehow we bypassed Latacunga and the Mickos ice cream stand and drove right into Ambato. Mickos is an absolute must!! So we missed the turnoff to go to Banos and on to Shell. The next 60-90 minutes was drive a few blocks, make an occasional turn and then ask for directions, repeatedly. Even on the road thru Salasaca and Pellileo, he stopped and asked directions to Banos. Even when there was not other road than the road to Banos, he stopped and asked directions. We stopped for a delicious Ecuadorian lunch of rice, beans, salad (which I did not eat) and a nice thin slice of chicken breast.

All of a sudden we were an a “road race.” We drove faster down the mountain road and through the tunnels than we did on the freeway! I was reileved and excited to make it to Shell in one piece!

It is great to be back “home” in Shell, Ecuador!