Each year when we go to Ecuador we are asked by the missionaries and/or mission organizations to bring needed materials with us. This year since I am traveling alone and visiting and/or working with several missions, I brought a lot of “stuff.” I have four luggage bags; two monsters, a medium and my carryon. I used the medium for my clothes and the two large bags for mission requests. One of them is full of “stuff” donated to me from HERO, the Health Equipment Recycling Organization started many years ago in Fargo, ND. I was able to get a baggage waiver for the second large bag because I am doing mission work with our nonprofit organization, SALTS, Inc. I also have three wheelchairs, one of which would not fold up. They took them all. It took forever in the Quito airport for all my baggage to appear but fortunately I have it all and will distribute it as I spend the next ten days serving the missions in Shell and Ambato.


All the stuff I brought with me to Ecuador!