Bibles for the Jungle

Each year when I make a trip alone like this year, or with Vicky, or Vicky and I lead a team, I/we are always asked to bring items of necessity to Shell. It may be the hospital, the school, a mission and/or a missionary.

This year I had a request from Jacob Bezemer; someone I did not know. He asked if he could order some Bibles to be delivered to me and then I could bring them to Shell. He ordered 150!!


Jacob Bezemer holding a Bible

To my surprise when the Bibles arrived I found that they were about the size of an old iPhone. They are solar powered!! The indigenous people of the jungle speak two languages, Shuar and Ashuar. There were 75 Bibles of each language. Jacob told me that when they are reaching out to the jungle people they do not like to read; they like to listen. The Bibles are a translation of the New Testament. He is looking forward to a translation of the Old Testament.

Jacob and his wife Linda are from Holland. The have five children; two boys, ages 1 & 9, and three girls, ages 4,5 & 7. The family lives in a settlement of indigenous people outside of Shell. They plan on living here forever. He has been accepted into the Ecuadorian Retiremenet plan.

In Holland he studied several medical subjects; medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, and I beleive some surgical work. I think we would compare him to a general practitioner but more advanced. I know he has worked with Dr Wolff in the hospital here in Shell.

What an incredile family!