Amigos Nuevos

Today some of us had the opportunity to visit the university in Puyo. We met students studying  tourism engineering in their English class. We were each paired with two students and conversed with them while we went on a beautiful walk. We walked along a river with lush trees. All of the students were very excited that we were there to meet them and to practice their english. Because of their excitement, they treated us to a classic Ecuadorian snack consisting of beans, roasted corn, plantain chips, tomatoes, onions, tuna and ahi sauce. It was so fresh and delicious! 
I was telling one of the students about Minnesota winters. They were so curious about snow and ice covering the lakes and they were amazed that the leaves changed colors and fall off the trees. I enjoyed learning about their families, their hobbies and favorite foods, through somewhat broken english. Many of them added us on Facebook and we are excited to stay in touch. Although we only spent about two hours with them, we connected with many of the students and share a lot in common.


“We all know that light travels faster than sound. That’s why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.” ~ Albert Einstein