EC 2013 Short Term Mission Update

Good Afternoon,

We are five weeks away from being on the bus to Shell.  Our team is close "trained," fundraising is about 90% complete.  We are scheduled to pack on Feb 17.  We will be "commissioned" at Concordia College at 10:30 PM with the other mission teams going out from the campus over mid-semester break and leave from Fargo on a bus to Minneapolis at about 2:30 AM.

Our special project has changed from paying the hospital bill (someone walked in and wrote a check one day) to purchasing an industrial washing machine.  They do laundry all day long.  They have two washing machines and one is usually in need of repair.  Hopefully we can remedy that problem.

We will ask the students to do the blog again this year.  It was well received last year.

We hope you enjoy reading about our 2013 trip to Shell.