Missionary women's brunch...

Saturday began with a morning filled with great people, great conversation, and great food! Our breakfast consisted of wonderfully made personal sized egg bakes made by Bob and Vicky's son Matt. Yum! Then there is also always a generous supply of fresh fruit. Our company consisted of about 25 missionary woman from Shell and the surrounding towns. We were able to listen to their beautiful testimonies on how they arrived in Ecuador and what it took to get here. Each woman had such a different story to tell about how God has worked through them to support this community. Patti Sue spoke at the end about how all the women in the room had a connection with Casa de Fe and had touched the lives of the children living there, whether it be through physical therapy, construction, education, or management. The greatest gift that they have all been able to give is the unconditional love for these children because every child and ever person deserves to be loved. 
While we were engaging in rich conversation and delicious food, the boys from our group spent time entertaining the children of the women who were at breakfast. Lets just say, they were quite tired afterwards! They also told us what wonderful children they were. They had a blast!

Peace and Blessings,
Ona May, Emily, and Sydney