Packing Day

Today was a great day for the team.  We met at First Lutheran Church in Fargo and packed all the donations, medications, ventilator parts, pulse oximeters, food, requests, etc.  We got everything packed and we loaded our "checked" luggage onto the bus.  Schuck Bus Service in Moorhead does us a real favor by bringing the bus to FLC when we were done and we loaded them onto the bus.  He likes the idea and it makes our leaving on Thursday much easier.  

We will be commissioned at Concordia College during Wednesday evening chapel in the Knutson Center.  They will also be commissioning the Habitat for Humanity teams that will also be sent out during the Concordia winter break.  The bus will arrive at Concordia at 2:30 AM for loading and we are on our way to Minneapolis.

We fly to Houston and then on to Quito.  I am told by the people in Quito that the new airport is opening Wednesday, Feb 20 and we will be arriving the evening of Feb 21. So this is a new for us.  We are excited to see what it is like.  It is about one hour from Quito though and we arrive at 10:40 PM so we will be getting to bed late.

Then Friday morning we are on our way to Shell.


"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart." ~ Helen Keller