Shell Guesthouse Arrival

We made it to Shell around Six O'clock tonight with the help Rachel as our translator. We had some minor communication barriers with the bus driver Luis, but luckily we were able to work them out. During one of our many bathroom stops, we were able to experience the goodness that is hidden inside the Magnum Ice cream bar. We saw some breathtaking views along the way including waterfalls, a volcano and this photo. Our eyes were opened as we witnessed a culture so different from our own and this is only our FIRST DAY! We ended the day meeting Patti Sue, Dwight and Tandy. We shared a magnificent pizza dinner and ended in song and prayer. We are so anxious to begin serving the Lord as we meet the kids of La Casa de Fe tomorrow. 

- Isaac and Rachel 

"Mountains can never reach each other, despite their bigness.  But humans can." 
 ~ Afghan proverb