¡Tiempo con los niños!

It's February 29th and we've been making the most of our extra day of 2012. The day began a little too early for some thanks to an unidentified jungle virus. Don't worry--nothing too serious, but a few of our team members were not at 100% today.
After breakfast, some of us headed to Casa de Fe and others to the hospital for shadowing and painting the laundry room. A highlight of the time spent at Casa de Fe is BABY TIME!!! Every day for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, a select few get a break from construction on the school to spend some quality time with the youngest at Casa de Fe.

Today, Sarah bonded with Diego, a wiggly ball of energy on the brink of walking. His smile wins your heart, making leaving him crying in his crib at the end of baby time heartbreaking. For some of these children, baby time is the only opportunity to leave their cribs and get the one-on-one attention that babies need. Jen and her little buddy Jacob put on a few miles strolling along the sidewalk hand-in-hand. Wobbly steps, bubbles, and big smiles made baby time pass too quickly. The best part of baby time was watching blind and handicapped Rayana's face light up as Mike doted on her with songs and smiles.

God's strength and perseverance was especially needed today as a few of the sick team members would have benefitted from a day of rest, but instead powered through. Several loads of dirt were sifted, a road was leveled with sand, muddy trenches were filled, more school walls were covered with empaste, and the hospital laundry room was prepped for painting. Despite all the tasks we have accomplished, Bob continues to remind us that the most important part of this trip is experiencing God working among us and through us. Turi, Emily (Swanson), Sarah, and Jen