Good morning,

I apologize for the absence of blog entries.  We have had a couple days of computer problems, suffice is to say, some people were getting blogs, some were not, some viewed them on their cell phones and but not their computer, and vice versa.  All is well, we are "resting, relaxing and reflecting" in Banos, a local tourist destination.  Everyone is out walking, shopping and taking in the sites.  I am going to try catch us up.

Above you see the tilapia ponds.  Our 2012 team helped finish the ponds.  Initially they had difficulty raising the fish because the water was too cold and they did not thrive.  The water comes from a mountain stream and is diverted to the ponds, however it is too cold.  So they have lowered the level of water in the ponds to allow the water to stay warmer and the fish are thriving.  They have more fish than they started with so they are spawning, which I assume is an indication of good health.  They are not big enough yet to harvest but in time will be used to help feed the children and staff.  One of our projects at CDF was to "shore up" some of the rock walls that had fallen.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

~ Emerson