One of the teams worked and Shedd and Kris Waskosky's home working on Arch Books (Illustrated Christian children's books). They tell the story of Noah, Jonah, Samson, etc. but are written in English. Shedd and Kris have been in Ecuador for 23 years translating the Bible into Salasaca Qichua, one of the local Incan dialects still spoken in the town of Salasaca. They began translating Arch books several years ago to give to the children to help them to read in their native language. Over the years they realized that the adults given a translated chapter of the Bible were having difficulty learning to read, by reading the Bible. I suspect it would not be as easy to learn to speak English by reading the Bible either. Anyway they bagan giving the translated Arch books to adults as well, to help them learn to read in their own language. After 23 years in Ecuador, Shedd and Kris are returning to live in Sioux Falls, SD next month. They will continue their Bible translation project while in South Dakota.

Patti gave us an update on Karla last night. She had been hospitalized in Shell and then was moved to intensive care in Quito. She was on a ventilator, had pneumonia and her kidneys were not functioning properly. Last night Patti said she was down to more reasonable ventilator settings, her white blood count had decreased from over 30,000 to ~16,000 and her kidney function was back to normal. She is not out of the woods yet but is on the right track. 


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Emerson