Workin' hard at Casa de Fe

It was another successful day at the Casa de Fe worksite. The photo on the far left is the school that we are working on. The middle is of a crew pulling nails this afternoon. The far right is the Multi-purpose house this afternoon when we were leaving. Morgan, Arlen, and I (Jocelyn) shoveled a huge pile of sand and rocks into wheelbarrows. It was a TON of sand, Morgan and I had to keep up with Arlen, he's a beast! The sand was brought into the fish pond so the kids will eventually be able to raise and eat tilapia. The others helped with the "impaste" (not sure how that's spelled?) in the rooms of the school house. It was a muggy day…Morgan and I may have gotten burnt (whoops sorry mom). Only a few wear watches but we all know when it's time for lunch because our stomachs are growling. Lunch is…soup, rice, beans, mystery meat, and dessert. Then ice cream. Everyday. We have been eating enough ice cream to make up for all of the hard work!

Stay tuned for more progress on the school house!

Hasta luega!